Rehab in the North West

In December 2008, the Guardian published a story about alcohol abuse in the North West of England. The story focused on statistics that showed alcohol abuse in England was the worst in North West cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Salford. In fact, Manchester led all of England in the total number of individuals needing help for alcohol addiction.

The good news is that there is plenty of help available in the North West. As one of the nine regions of England, the North West offers alcohol addicts plenty of choices via private rehab clinic, NHS services, outpatient programs and more. Finding the help you need is a matter of knowing who to get in touch with.

Services Available in the North West

Like anywhere else in England, the types of services available are quite extensive. The best results are achieved through a residential treatment program offered by a private alcohol rehab clinic. Residential treatment offers the greatest chances of long-term success by dealing with both the physical and mental aspects of alcohol dependency.

Unfortunately, a private residential program is not possible for every addict. Nevertheless, thankfully there are free services available from the NHS. These services include detox, long-term outpatient programmes, and counselling. Of course, there are also services made available through local charities and support groups like Al-Anon.

It’s Time to Help Yourself

You might be reading our website because you suspect you have a drinking problem. That’s a great first step. Now you need to pick up the phone or send an e-mail to get in touch with us. That’s the only way Alcohol Rehabs can provide free and confidential services to you. You must make the first move.

Simply put, you can choose to get the help you need to overcome addiction or be content to remain just another statistic. The better of the two choices is the first one. You can be free of alcohol if you really want to be. Thousands of people just like you are proving it every single day.

It’s Time to Help a Loved One

Maybe you are not struggling with alcohol issues yourself; maybe you are here looking for help for a loved one. Alcohol Rehabs wants to be that first step in finding help. We are ready and waiting to speak to you about that individual in order to provide you with the information about treatment options in the North West.

Alcohol Rehabs has access to facilities and programs spanning the entire region. We can help you find a local program or a residential treatment option in another region. If greater distance would be beneficial, we can even recommend options elsewhere in the UK or abroad.

The Time Is Right Now

An old adage says that there is no better time to do what needs to be done than right now. That is so true. As any former alcoholic will tell you, regret for not acting sooner only builds with every day you delay seeking treatment. Why live a life of regret when hope is just a phone call away?

Whether you are an alcoholic or a person seeking help for a loved one, the time to act is right now. Right now, while you’re thinking about it. Alcohol Rehabs is available to talk with you 24 hours a day, every day, with a listening ear and heart of compassion. Our only goal is to facilitate for the alcoholic or loved one seeking to get help. Let us help you by contacting us right now.