Alcohol Detox

What does the term ‘alcohol detox’ mean to you? To many it is a very scary term denoting a lot of unpleasantness for the alcoholic. And while that’s true, detox is a necessary step for breaking a chronic addiction to alcohol. Without detox, the alcoholic has very little hope.

Alcohol Rehabs knows how critical detox is to the future survival of the chronic alcoholic. That’s why we offer free and confidential referral services aimed at helping the alcoholic and his or her family find the necessary help. We specialise in matching clients with the service providers and facilities that meet their needs and budget.

Alcohol Detox Basics

The detox process is one designed to completely rid the alcoholic of the chemicals and compounds in his/her system. As long as they remain, they continue encouraging the physical dependence on alcohol. Detox is accomplished by separating the individual from any opportunity to consume more alcohol, thus allowing his or her body to be completely flushed clean.

In most cases, detox can be completed in about a week. However, that week can be an uncomfortable one for the alcoholic as he or she goes through several days of withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the severity of the addiction, withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • headaches, nausea and vomiting
  • increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • involuntary muscle movements
  • hallucinations
  • dizziness and fainting
  • rapid and extreme mood swings.

Get Professional Help

Please understand that experts suggest you never attempt alcohol detox on your own. There is a reason it is considered a medical emergency within the addiction recovery community. Unsupervised detox could lead to serious injuries or even death.

The difficulty with detox lies in the fact that it is impossible to predict how the individual will react to withdrawal. Chronic alcohol abuse causes very specific physical and metabolic changes that create different reactions in different people. Indeed, some alcoholics need maintenance medications during withdrawal to prevent serious complications. You have no way of knowing any of this if you attempt detox on your own.

Private Residential Programs

In addition to recommending professional help, Alcohol Rehabs suggests individuals choose a residential program at a private clinic when possible. Because detox and rehab are the only things a private clinic focuses on, they are better able to achieve long-term results. They do not have to worry about other conditions that demand the attention of NHS health clinics and counselling services.

If cost is an issue, Alcohol Rehabs might be able to help direct you to a source of financing. If we can’t, we also have access to free programs run by alcohol charities, support groups, counselling services and the NHS. Do not let a lack of financial resources prevent you from seeking the help you need. Somewhere there is a program or facility we can get you in to.

Lastly, we want to encourage you not to delay any further. Alcohol addiction is a destructive behaviour that wreaks havoc on relationships, finances and every other area of your life. Yet there is no need to allow yourself to continue being controlled by your addiction. Call us today and get started on the road to recovery.