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How to Stop Drinking

How to stop drinking. That’s a subject many alcohol abusers and addicts struggle with every day. They know they have a problem that needs to be solved, yet they do not know what to do about it. If this sounds like you, Alcohol Rehabs can help.

Alcohol Rehabs is a referral agency specialising in finding the appropriate programs and treatment options for each client. We work with private rehab clinics, alcohol charities, counselling services and others. As for our clients, our free and confidential referrals are enhanced by a number of other services, including assistance with admissions.

The Self-Help Option

A typical Internet search reveals many different self-help suggestions you might use to stop drinking. These suggestions have their place, but you need to understand that they are designed for moderate drinkers trying to stave off future abuse or addiction. They are not usually helpful to the chronic alcoholic.

In the interest of being thorough, some of the self-help options include:

  • finding friends who will hold you accountable
  • setting a goal and slowly weaning yourself off alcohol
  • asking your physician for a prescription
  • cold turkey abstinence

Professional Help Is Better

Alcohol Rehabs always recommends professional help for the alcohol abuser or chronic alcoholic. There are a number of reasons behind this. For the alcohol abuser, professional help offers the best chance of preventing his or her abuse from becoming addiction. Professional help can include medications, counselling and outpatient programs.

Professional help for the chronic alcoholic is an entirely different story. Not only does it offer the alcoholic the best chance of success, it may also offer him or her their only chance at saving their life. Keep in mind that breaking alcohol addiction involves both detox and rehab.

Some experts consider the detox process as a medical emergency. The fact is that the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox can present a very real danger if not managed properly. Detox conducted outside the arena of professional help can lead to serious injury or death.

Where rehab is concerned, it is designed to deal with the mental and emotional aspects of addiction. Professional help is usually necessary because the chronic alcoholic does not have the mental or emotional capacity to overcome addiction on their own. That’s one of the reasons he or she remains an addict despite knowing how destructive their behaviour is.

Treatment Options

In the UK, alcohol abusers and addicts have many options from which to choose. Alcohol Rehabs generally recommends a residential treatment program at a private clinic whenever possible. Because private clinics are focused only on addiction, they tend to have higher success rates.

If a private residential program is not feasible due to finances, there are a number of other options through the NHS, alcohol charities, local support groups, and counselling services. We are able to match the individual alcoholic up with the program and facility right for them.

Getting help for abuse or addiction starts by contacting Alcohol Rehabs. We are not here to judge you or give you a lecture over the phone; we are here to listen to you, explain all of your treatment options, and help get you started on the road to recovery.

The first step in this process is realising you need help. We assume, from the fact that you are reading our website that you’ve already taken that step. Now you need to make the decision to get help. Call us, send an e-mail, or use our online contact form right now. We promise to provide the help and support you need every step of the way.



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