Rehab in the Midlands

In 2011, a West Midlands toddler, at just three years of age, earned the dubious distinction of being the youngest person in the UK ever treated for alcoholism. At just three years of age!

While this tragic story is certainly not the norm, it underscores the prevalence of alcohol dependency and abuse in the Midlands region. Even as you read this, there is no shortage of individuals whose lives are being wrecked by alcohol.

Statistics show that nearly one in every 20 people in the Midlands may be in the early stages of alcoholism or already fully there. However, those same statistics also demonstrate that thousands of people are getting the help they need every year. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction yourself, you can be one of those people.

Services Available in the Midlands

Alcohol Rehabs assists alcoholics and their families in finding help they need in the Midlands region. We have access to a full compendium of services from Staffordshire and Worcestershire to Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. Moreover, we cover every town from Birmingham to Nottingham and beyond.

When you call us, we can recommend private rehab clinics as well as services offered by the NHS, various alcohol support groups, and counselling services. We can even help you make admission arrangements if necessary. Whatever you need us to do for you, we’ll do our best to make sure it gets done. We want to see you or your loved one break free of alcohol addiction.

It’s Time to Help Yourself

If you are currently dealing with alcohol abuse or addiction, were you aware that your problem does not affect just you? Your actions are having a very real and negative impact on your family members, your friends, and just about everyone else you come in contact with. It’s time for you to stop.

We know it seems like alcohol is the only thing helping you get through life. However, there is a better life available to you outside of alcohol addiction. Do you want that life? Do you want to stop harming your family and friends through your addictive behaviour? If so, it is time to help yourself by calling us or sending e-mail.

It’s Time to Help a Loved One

Believe it or not, Alcohol Rehabs receives plenty of inquiries from people looking for alcohol addiction recovery services for someone else. You might be one of those people. We are here to assist you in any way we can, just as we would the alcoholic who calls us directly.

Our free and confidential referral services can assist you in finding help for both the alcoholic and his or her family. Furthermore, if you are hoping to find a program or facility that will admit someone you love, it is more important than ever to get the information as soon as possible. You can do that by contacting us.

The Time Is Right Now

Every time an alcoholic takes another drink, he or she is doing further damage. With every passing day, that damage only compounds to make a bad situation worse. So why keep compounding the problem? Victory over alcohol addiction is just a phone call or e-mail away.

Alcohol Rehabs is available to assist you 24 hours a day, every day. All of the clinics we work with are fully certified as well as meeting our rigorous standards for professionalism and competence. We can help you find the appropriate facility and program that is right for you or a loved one. We can even assist you in making the necessary arrangements. Are you ready?