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With Alcohol Rehab’s experienced and qualified alcohol rehab advisors, the process of finding the very best alcohol rehab for you or your loved one’s needs is only 4 steps away. Give us a call, speak to one of our experts who will advise you on the most suitable rehab facilities, you choose the rehab and we’ll sort out all the rest.


As our name suggests, Alcohol Rehabs is here to help you find the support and treatment you need to conquer your alcohol addiction. We know how difficult it can be to get control over your life when you have been a prisoner to addiction for any length of time. We also know that alcohol addiction is no different from other addictions that might seem more serious.

Statistics show that upwards of 7% of all adult males in the UK show some signs of potential alcohol dependence. Some 4% of adult females also show those signs. Fortunately, there are private rehab clinics all over the country successfully treating alcoholics every day.

Rehab clinics offer the alcoholic and his or her family two things: sobriety and hope. Sobriety is achieved almost instantly through detox while hope is provided through long-term rehabilitation. The point is that victory over alcohol dependence is very possible.

Finding Help Is Important

Make no mistake; finding help for alcohol dependence is important. Those who don’t seek the help they need can end up suffering in so many ways, including:

  • Physical – Long-term addiction to alcohol has a very real impact on physical health. For starters, it can destroy the liver and lead to potentially fatal diseases like cirrhosis. There is nothing good that comes from long-term alcohol abuse from the personal health standpoint.
  • Emotional – The alcoholic often finds him or herself in emotional turmoil due to their drinking habits. On the one hand, they have very low self-esteem because they know drinking is ruining their life. On the other hand, their addiction makes it impossible to see that they really can enjoy a full and productive life without drinking.
  • Relationships – Chronic alcoholism most certainly takes its toll on personal relationships. The first to be affected are generally spouses and/or children, followed by extended family, friends, and co-workers. If not treated, alcoholism usually results in complete isolation. The only relationships alcoholics have and up being those involving other alcoholics.

Knowing What’s Available

Part of the problem among those addicted to alcohol is the fact they do not know what’s available. Many think that help only comes in the form of an Alcoholics Anonymous support group or a government-sponsored outpatient program. However, there is much more to it than that. Alcohol Rehabs works with private clinics located just about everywhere in the UK.

A private clinic typically offers a full range of services that include both detox and long-term rehabilitation. Most of the clinics we work with use the proven 12-step program to achieve success. Furthermore, the clinics are all certified and meet our rigorous professional standards.

When cost makes the private clinic out of the question, we also have access to a long list of programs and services offered by the NHS, alcohol charities, counselling services, and support groups. We can find a treatment option for anyone who really wants it. And therein is the key.

The fact that you are visiting our site suggests that you either know an alcoholic or you suspect you might be one yourself. Visiting is the first step. The second step is to get in touch with us and learn about your treatment options. The sooner you do, the sooner recovery can begin.

Please understand that alcohol dependence is a serious problem that should never be ignored. Far too many do so at their own peril. Make the decision today to get the help you need. It might end up being the most important decision you will ever make.


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