Alcohol Rehab Surrey

The county of Surrey is home to many of the greatest alcohol rehab clinics we recommend often to callers who need help. Their well-established facilities and professional staff make it an excellent option for almost any alcoholic looking to change their life.

Private Residential Clinics are Lifesavers

While free and cheaper rehabs do help so many people claim back their lives from alcohol addiction, they’re not well-equipped enough to assist everyone, that’s why a private residential rehab is almost always the better option.

With a private Surrey clinic, you can be sure you will be staying in some of the very best facilities the UK has to offer. Private clinics can afford to invest in top-of-the-range interiors and exteriors, the latest equipment, in very experienced staff and much, much more that will help in you or your loved one’s treatment.

When comparing free rehab alternatives to private clinics, the gap between their rates of success continues to widen, the number of private clinic patients who do not relapse after treatment are decreasing. This is great news for you however as that means you can get a place at one of these residential clinics with assistance from Alcohol Rehabs. Our specialists can help you find the perfect rehab to meet you or your loved one’s needs and set them on the path to a happy and sober life.

Going Through Detox, Rehab & Aftercare

All patients at private Surrey clinics will undergo three main phases, these are:

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aftercare

Detox lasts around a week and focuses on ridding your body of alcohol and other impurities. This is to separate your body from alcohol for good so that you overcome your physical addiction to alcohol. This process is often associated with withdrawal symptoms which are made easier to bear with the help of trained medical staff who will oversee the detox process.

Rehab begins after a week or so of detox, it begins looking at why the patient feels the need to drink on a regular basis to function in everyday life. There are often deep-seated issues that the patient will need to work through with the help of professional addiction counsellors who will have the patient participate in therapy sessions and constructive activities.

Aftercare is to help the patient settle back into home life without abusing alcohol again. The purpose of aftercare is to prevent the chance of the individual having a relapse which could undo some of their hard work in rehab.

Get in Touch as Soon as Possible

Thankfully many patients do end up returning to a normal happy life with their friends and family, however many do not seek help and suffer the consequences. Please do get in touch with Alcohol Rehabs if you believe you or a loved one is having problems with alcohol abuse.

Please do chat with us by sending us an email, filling in our contact form, or giving us a call at 0800 44 88 688.