Alcohol Rehab Luton

Alcohol Rehabs works in conjunction with some of the best alcohol rehab clinics in Luton and the county of Bedfordshire as a whole. After speaking to one of our specialists at Alcohol Rehabs, a private Luton clinic might just be the place you or your loved one can begin to overcome an alcohol problem.

Private Residential Clinics are Always Recommended

It’s just a matter of fact that private residential alcohol rehabs yield the greatest success rates, especially when compared to alternatives like NHS funded rehab centres. A private Luton clinic would allow you or your loved one to leave their alcohol-enabling environment behind to focus entirely on themselves and overcoming their problem with alcohol dependency. High-quality facilities that make the patient feel at ease coupled with professional drug and alcohol counsellor’s therapy and support can change an alcoholic’s life.

What to Expect at a Private Luton Clinic

New patients undergo a medically supervised detox before beginning rehabilitation. This weans the body off of alcohol so that it can begin to learn to live without the presence of alcohol. Experienced and qualified medical staff always oversees detoxes at our private alcohol clinics as a detox without supervision can be dangerous. After a successful detox of around a week, patients begin rehab which includes therapy and constructive activities carried out by expert alcohol and drug counsellors to help the patients realise they can live a happy life without the need for a drink.

Private alcohol rehabs in Luton are a great choice for anyone seeking help with their alcohol addiction in the UK, this is because:

  • Luton possesses some of the best rehab facilities in the UK
  • Luton is easily accessible from most of England
  • It’s a great choice for addicts who want a change in surroundings while overcoming their problems with alcohol

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Whatever rehab facilities are available to you, it is always critical that you get yourself or your loved one help as soon as possible. Alcohol dependency is growing problem that takes lives every day, getting help without hesitation could save a life.

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