Alcohol Rehab Somerset

A well-established Somerset alcohol rehab clinic is the perfect option for an alcoholic who needs to leave a busy city behind to unwind and focus completely on overcoming their addiction to drinking. Alcohol Rehabs can recommend the best suited private rehab clinic for you or your loved one.

Private Somerset Rehab Clinics in Depth

Rural country-house rehabs like the ones you would find in Somerset are some of the most popular rehab facilities in the UK as they are well-established and attract some of the greatest professionals in the country. Naturally Alcohol Rehabs recommend these high-quality private Somerset clinics on a daily basis. Detox and rehab programs are carried out at these alcohol rehab clinics with the utmost care and supervision.

When it comes to choosing a rehab, our specialists will give you our best recommendations, and naturally these are private residential rehab clinics. Although there are cheaper and some free alternatives, a private rehab gives you the greatest chance of achieving sobriety, no doubt about it.

NHS and charity-funded rehab clinics often mean long waiting-lists, less effective outpatient programs and less well funded facilities. This is just because free rehabs do not possess the money or resources to offer all their patients the best treatment possible, but with private rehabs this is eliminated. This means more experienced addiction counsellors, much higher-quality facilities and the choice of being a residential patient.

While sobriety can be achieved in either type of rehab, statistics show every year that private rehab has a much higher success rate and a much lower probability of patients relapsing.

The Detox & Rehab Experience

Detoxification and Rehabilitation are the two cornerstones of treating an alcohol addiction, so naturally every rehab we recommend will take you through both phases.

Detox purifies the body of alcohol and toxins, effectively purging the body of its dependency of having alcohol present. This lasts around a week and is carried out under the supervision of professional medical trained staff.

After detox, rehab begins, the aim being to overcome the psychological issues as to why the patient feels compelled to drink every day. Through counselling, therapy and constructive activities, the individual will learn that they can face every day with a smile and with no further need for alcohol.

Aftercare is then given to the patient after leaving rehab, this is to help them settle back into normal life and to reduce the likelihood of a relapse occurring.

It’s Time to Give Alcohol Rehabs a Call

We urge anyone who believes that they may have a problem with alcohol to get in touch with Alcohol Rehabs as soon as possible. The longer you struggle without treatment, the more damage you could potentially be doing to yourself and your life.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch by sending us an email, filling in our contact form, or giving us a call at 0800 44 88 688.