Alcohol Rehab Scotland

Alcoholism is an ever-increasing problem in Scotland, and as such, many great rehab clinics and facilities have been established over the years to combat the epidemic. This means there are many options for people living in Scotland to grasp an alcohol-free life, make today the day you take your first step to sobriety.

What Clinics are Recommended?

All over the central belt and beyond there are alcohol rehab clinics you can choose from, however at Alcohol Rehabs, we always recommend only the best to our callers, which means a private and residential alcohol rehab. Official figures consistently show that private residential rehab clinics have a significantly higher success rate and patients have a decreased chance of relapse after completing their rehabilitation program.

Alcohol Rehabs will always recommend the best suited rehab clinic to callers, and if private rehabs are out of the question because of money or travel issues, we can always recommend some great alternatives.

Detox & Rehab

It is important that patients go through both a detoxification and rehabilitation to become fully independent of alcohol; fortunately private rehabs take care of both and provide aftercare.

Detox begins first which cleanses the body of its perceived need for alcohol and gets rid of any leftover toxins that may be within the body. Detoxes can be uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous, so it is important you do not attempt to detox at home. Patients have trained medical staff on hand to help them at alcohol detox centres which ensures that the patient will come out without a physical addiction to alcohol.

Rehab begins straight after detox, this focuses on showing the addict that they can learn to live a normal happy life without a drink. This is done through a mix of therapy and constructive activities where the core issues that cause the patient to drink will be identified and dealt with. Professional alcohol counsellors carry out these therapy sessions and continually support patients throughout their journey to sobriety.

Finally the patient is discharged and is given aftercare to reduce the likelihood of a relapse. People who have had treatment at a private clinic are much less likely to relapse after returning to normal life.

Call Alcohol Rehabs Today to Begin

Attending a Scottish alcohol rehab is a great solution for anyone living in Scotland or Northern England as a change of surroundings often helps addicts focus on themselves more than if they were in their previous alcohol-enabling surroundings. This paired with high-quality rehab facilities and qualified and experienced alcohol addiction counsellors means sobriety is within arm’s reach. By taking the first step and getting in touch with alcohol rehabs today, you’ll be that much closer to an alcohol-free life.

Start your journey towards sobriety today by sending us an email, filling out our contact form or giving us a call at 0800 44 88 688. Don’t let alcohol addiction take over your life forever.